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 Makuto Information --Unfinished--

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PostSubject: Makuto Information --Unfinished--   Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:31 am

Name: Makuto

Alias: Snow Angel

Age: 21,876


Looks: Makuto is the one of the snow angels, his look is as if he is a well known person with a heart. His smile represents the peaceful side of himself and his emotional side when it comes to losing someone precious to him dearly. The glare he does to others is not evil, nor killer but very kindful, he is a one of a kind.

- gender: M

- height: 5`0

- weight: 175lbs

- hair colour/style: His hair is a long middle like hair which sways to the right and left to cover his eyes. The color is a blue like color which blends its shining like towards the sky, the beautiful snow flakes come down for his excellence and divine.

- eye colour: Sapphire Blue.

- makeup (optional): No Makeup is provided for him.

- clothing style: His clothing is a blue sapphire like armor made up of special metal which is invulnerable to brake. Sometimes he remove his armor when it comes to fighting tough enemies due to his armor being slow on the edges. He would only use this blue armor when it comes to fighting against the opponent he is fighting, or seperate enemies nearby which is alittle bit to hard on for him to handle.

Race/ethnicity: Angelic

Body Type: Alittle Build

Physical Condition: None


Rank/Class: Hunter

Hobbies: Makutos only hobbies in his mind is walking among the mountain of snow and ice, glaring towards the white cloud sky, just thinking what will be told of him on his journey nor quest. He touches the snow flake which would fall down from the sky, in which makuto will smile at his beautiful element.


--Other informations---

Elements: Ice.

Skills/ Abilities: The only ability he hold is to control himself from decreasing temperature. SInce he was a child, he couldn't take the snow and the lowest temperature it could get, now he has a chance now that he is now controlled his body heat from low temperatures.

Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:

Long KaBaL Staff: The cabal staff is a weapon in which makuto use to fend off enemies in which are more tougher then he is now. The Staffs length is 6.4ft long as the blue sapphire metal like sword is placed on the top end of the sword which blends with the light and coldness of the temperatures and the sky. Usually he would swift his blade that in which would maybe cause a blizzard which freezes other opponents until their nothing but ice fractures. The current of the ice blizzard is maximized, and unstable.


Background/ History:
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Makuto Information --Unfinished--
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