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 Hikashi's RP Information

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PostSubject: Hikashi's RP Information   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:55 pm

Name: Hikashi Hyotho

Alias: Shadow




- gender: Male

- height:6" 1'

- weight:201 LB

- hair colour/style: Black Blueish/ Long hair and bangs

- eye colour: Black

- makeup (optional):

- clothing style: a Blue jacket with a fur hood, with black long pants and black shoes

Race/ethnicity: Human

Body Type: a normal body with scars around the arms and legs

Physical Condition: Healthy... usually o-o


Rank/Class: High Rank Assassin

Hobbies: None really

Pets: None

--Other informations---

Elements: Fire,Earth,Air,Wind,Lightning

Skills/ Abilities: My skills involve my abilites with Shadows and my Yagmyaku(see history)

Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: Katana Of Yagmyaku

Spells:im not a wizard

Background/ History: When I was 6 years old my village was attacked by Yamu,my brother. He used a demon shadow called Yagmyaku to destory it, yet i was left alive with the demon sealed in me. Me and my remaining brother Teneshii left the village together. We discovered an eye technique called Yagmyaku, we could use it for a 360 vision, an extreme power boost and to transform our bodies for battles. Teneshii somehow obtained a form called Eternal Yagmyaku, which just improves vision and strength more than the regular yagmyaku. He never goes above the 1st stage because the rest cause heavy damage to the body. There are 13 Stages of Yagmyaku and 5 stages of Eternal. As I grew with my brother i set a goal to kill my Brother Yamu. To this day I still plan that goal. I obtained Shadow abilites as well from the demon itselfs which you have to find out in battle, if you live after hehe
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PostSubject: Re: Hikashi's RP Information   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:38 pm

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Hikashi's RP Information
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