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 NarakuCrusher's RP Statistics (Unfinished)

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PostSubject: NarakuCrusher's RP Statistics (Unfinished)   Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:34 pm



Looks: Normal:


- gender:Male

- height: 5'9

- weight: 160 pounds

- hair colour/style: Hair color black with red highlights on the tips of his hair. His hair style is medium at about neck length in short strands that
also cover the front of my face partially.

- eye colour: Hazel brown/ Blood Red*

- makeup (optional):none

- clothing style: Tops: Wears comfortably fitting white t-shirt with a red and black jacket with a red japanese logo on it. Pants: Wears,loose but not baggy,
black jeans with red flames at the the bottom of the pants legs. Shoes: Wears simple black sneakers with red designs and red strings.
Accessories: wears a red head band with a black japanese emblem on it and red fingerless gloves with black flames designed on it.

Race/ethnicity: Is african american/ japanese.

Body Type: Muscular

Physical Condition:Healthy

Rank/Class: Samurai/swordsman

Hobbies:Training, goin on walks, hangin out with girls,fighting a difficult foe to defeat.

Pets: Has a pet demonic black wolf by the name of Shibaru who is years old in human years. 21 in animal years.

--Other informations---

Elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Darkness*

Skills/ Abilities: (Signature Moves or Skills)
Air Cutter-Korenshu rotates it rapidly maneuvering it with perfect skill and balance aiming towards his target. He then swings with a rapid force and motion which cuts the air itself also known as his infamous Air Cutter attack. The force and speed from the wind rushes towards the target slices the target as shown cut marks swiftly and violently appear on his target. He thens swings and thrust his sword one last time delivering the final critical blow cutting the target completely in half or if evaded knocking the opponent back forcefully stunning them with a shockwave.

Blaze Devastation Attack- The user creates a huge wave of red flames which encircle the opponent severely burning the opponent while he disappears charging energy into his sword and reappears delivering the finishing blow which creates a massive wave of black flames which ferociously burn the opponent and creates a massive abyss like crater in the ground.

Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: Has 3 different blades(katana, Death Strike*, the unknown, bow and arrows, dagger.),

The katana was given to him from his father at the age of 13 to train him in the ways of sword its been a heirloom passed down through the generations and
at last bestowed upon him in hopes that one day he will pass it down to his children.

Death strike- when in demonic state his katana's hilt becomes blood red and the blade turns black with rage and hate. His inner demons energy begins to take
over his body and his blade removing his energy and infusing it with all of the demons energy creating a black and red aura which surrounds him.

The Unknown- The blade retrieved from remains of village after its utter destruction by a mysterious assassin. He has yet to unlock the potential of this
mysterious blade it seems to be a bit bulkier than his katana but also lighter at the same time.

Bow and arrows- a Ranged equipment item to attack the opponent from long distances given to him by one of his closest friends until he was killed in the
attack of the village it can also be infused with his energy or and element.

Dagger- A simple dagger used by the assassin that murdered his family during the attack. It enables him to silent kill his opponent and is also capable of
picking locks or opening small objects.

Spells: "Kokurai" (Black Lightning) With this move Korenshu places his hands onto the ground and creates huge surge of black lightning stream in and out across the ground devestating the entire terrain and if it hit it sends 2,000,000 volts through the persons body which is enough to kill the person or SEVERELY burn and wound th eopponent.
Background/ History:
(Coming Soon)

*= Activated only when in my triggered demonic state.
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PostSubject: Re: NarakuCrusher's RP Statistics (Unfinished)   Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:16 am

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NarakuCrusher's RP Statistics (Unfinished)
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