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 Roleplay Styles

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PostSubject: Roleplay Styles   Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:26 pm

This is the topic in which I will give you informations about the styles of Roleplay, speed, sentence, and Para. Here are some good informations on the roleplay styles in which I will give you.

Speed: Speed roleplay is like the fast attack way of roleplay like, The people who are new to roleplaying will use this type of roleplay since they dont know more about roleplaying well. In difficulties, they call it Novice roleplay.

~*I will rush at the opponent*~
~*Uses My Left fist to punch him*~

Sentence: very simple if you can be describitive. You have to have a minimum of 7 words for your attack. And the same for the outcome. To reverse you need the minimum of 10 words. And the same for the reverse outcome. To pin it is 5 words. And when you state and attack or reverse, be describrive and say their name instead of him or her, or his. So to look at it. Be Creative and Give Details.

~*The man would close his eyes slowly, hearing the footsteps come towards him nearby, while his hands were in his pocket. though his left eye is blinded, his right eye can see the opponent come towards him. The opponent couldnt imagine how he would move his body to any position to avoid the attack.*~

Paragraph: probably the hardest way to role-play if you are not good at being descriptive. This para is the hardest of all roleplay, you have to wait for your opponent to finish typing his/her attack. It is also paragraph fighting. In a para match, your opponent can strike you. You have the ability to reverse the attack or take the hit and come back with one of your own. You will Have to Attack 1 Time in each Para.f you type more than one attack in a paragraph, it will be voided. You may need to type more than one paragraph, so when this is needed.


~*he would slowly hear the winds roar across the area, seeking for what is known as a simple minded soul. The area seemed cold, though the area is a known wasteland, he would always find another way to past through. begins to walk among this dark area which is unknown, the area seemed very odd and cold like as if the darkness was a graveyard in which the spirits may lurk around. Closes his eyes fully while walking in each direction, he would open his eyes, glancing around the area from left, to right, to straight, and to back. He would not be able to find a way out. A Moment before he would lose his courage, a blue bird which is known as a "blue jay" would come out from the dark trees, flying towards the upper left direction. In compass format, the compass pointed at the north direction, but, since the blue jay is flying in the upper left direction, the arrow should point towards the north west direction. He would chase the blue jay until he would leave the dark forest, the man was as happy as he can be since he has left the area. Though this forest seem dark, the others will find another way to Kill the Darkness and turn the forest into light again*~
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Roleplay Styles
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