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 Tatsu Kinomiya Char Info [Undercontruction]

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PostSubject: Tatsu Kinomiya Char Info [Undercontruction]   Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:10 pm

Name: Tatsu Kinomiya [ Kinomiya, Tatsu ]
Alias: "God Dragon"
Age: 350 years old [Demon Years] 19 years old [Human Years]

Looks: Normal, Demon Form, Twilight Form, God Dragon Form
- Gender: Male
- Height: 6 ft
- Weight: 140 lbs
- Hair Colour/Style: Tatsu has pretty long red hair that he normally keeps inside of a pony tail. The pony tail is able to teach the center of his back, and the bangs of his hair can reach above his eyes. To keep it out of his eyes completely, he wears a white headband.
- Eye Colour: Violet Red
- Makeup (optional): None
- Clothing style:
These are the clothes he wears.
Race/Ethnicity: Dragon demon
Body Type: Muscular
Physical Condition: Healthy

Rank/Class: Mercenary
Hobbies: Whatever seems entertaining.
Pets: Ryunosato
--Other informations---
Elements: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Water, Earth, Light, and Darkness
Skills/ Abilities:

Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
Tatsunosaigi - Elemental Transformations
- The Tatsunosaigi is a three hundred and sixteen pound sword. It was once a regular clever sword that held powers of the elements, but after all of various battles and trials that Tatsu went through, the sword transformed into its true state of how it should appear. Every swing of this sword causes red crimson waves of intense heat to illuminate from its blade. The more power that's placed inside of the swing will determine how strong the swing is. It can go from a breeze to a destructive force. If it hits at its maximum then something will be bound to melt.
Dragon Armor
- While inside of this armor, Tatsu's defense and attack power will increase.
• 50 Regeneration Pop [Currently]
• Portal the Makai - The user will rip a hole into the air as it leads to any part of the Demon World that they would like to go.
Background/ History:
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PostSubject: Re: Tatsu Kinomiya Char Info [Undercontruction]   Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:29 pm

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Tatsu Kinomiya Char Info [Undercontruction]
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